AZTEC, NEW MEXICO (September 20, 2014)- By: Lynn Hensley- Witten's Warriors Weekend concluded Saturday night with two repeat winners and two new winners for this two night show. But the big winner was the Carey-Tingley Foundation. Witten's Warriors weekend raised more money for the foundation to help children with disabilities. Thanks to all the fans and drivers for participating.

The CDM late model feature had 25 cars competing for the top prize of $2500. Jake O'neil of Tucson, Az. had won the pole dash earlier in the night and cashed in on that front row start. O'neil took the lead on lap one and kept his #0 Ford powered late model in front for the 30 laps. Ronnie Warman of San Angelo, Tx. managed to get up beside O'neil on the last lap but fell short when the checkers flew. The race saw a few cautions with the first one involving 4 cars on lap 10. Zane Devilbiss drove Alan Bowers #59 and ran 2nd until Warman slipped by him around lap 20. Devilbiss held on for 3rd with Jeep Berry of Grand Jct., Co. (Friday night's winner) in 4th. Fifth went to Dean Moore of Denver. Sixth on back were: Terry Boushee, John Hanson, Rick Ortega, Dakota Berry, Jeff Whyman, Scott Cimfl, Brad Williams, Daniel Shepherd, Nita Deetz, Nate Beacham, Corey Cox, Larry Jackson, Mercedes Abercrombie, Andy Hockenhull, Clff Hansen, Sean Bray, Fito Gallardo, Dave Deetz, John Ortega, and Steve Francis. Five cars did not finish. Heat race winners were: Terry Boushee, Jake O'neil, Ronnie Warman, and Jeep Berry. Race winner O'neil donated $500 of his winnings to the Witten' Warriors Fund.

The Stock Car feature had 23 cars take the green for a 30 lap feature. Seven cars out of 30 were already out due to attrition or wrecks. The race saw some side by side action as several cars had a shot at the lead. Bruce Plumisto of Kansas was in front for the first 23 laps until local favorite Kenny Hendershot slipped by and held on to take the win. Plumisto hung on to 2nd with Brandon Hopper of Lubbock, Tx. in 3rd. Fourth was Dustin White of Lemesa, Tx. and Colby Deming of Hobbs, N.M. finished 5th. A four car crash on the front straight on lap 10 eliminated Friday night's winner, Jake Masters of Iowa. Also out in that crash were Travis Southerlin and Butch Reid,jr. These three cars were badly damaged but the drivers were ok. Sixth on back were: Gary Kerr,jr., Tony Hill (in Glen Bray's car), Jeramy Bradley, Colin Deming, Cody Kays, Larry Bradley, Richard Trujillo, Traci Jennings, Carbie McClearan, Aaron Corley, Steffan Carey, Danny Stevenson, Race Fisher, Jacob Masters, Butch Reid,jr., Travis Southerlin, Dillon Hill, and Ron Brewer. The last 8 cars did not finish. Steffan Carey was the B main winner and the heat race winners were: Jacob Masters, Kenny Hendershot, Michael Farley and Brand Hopper.

The Modified feature was shortened to 25 laps for the 26 car field. John Hanson of Brush, Colo. wrapped up his weekend by winnng his second modified feature. Hanson chased Dereck Rhoden for four laps before taking over the front spot. From there Hanson cruised to his sweep of the weekend in his red #8 modified. Zane Devilbiss and Ricky Alvarado dueled for the next spot for the rest of the race before Devilbiss finally took down 2nd with Alvarado in 3rd. Regan Tafoya was 4th with Austin Huskey of Lubbock, Tx. 5th. Sixth on back were: Aaron Spangler, Allen Bradley, Matt Ratzlaff, Darrell Deming, Tyrone Yazzie, Jason Gallardo, Jody Cornell, Mark Rodgers, Wayne Soares, Shane Devilbiss, Ed Mangum, Wyatt Howard, Julian Garcia,jr., Dave Davis, Jeremy Farley, Nick Nelson, Derreck Rhoden, Danny Bradford, Phillip Houston, Ryan Spangler, Trevor Combs DNS. Heat race winners were: Danny Bradford, Zane Devilbiss, Allen Bradley, and Wyatt Howard.

The sport modified feature was cut to 22 laps for 25 cars. Jessie Baldwin completed his sweep of the weekend with another seemingly easy win. Joey Klemish was 2nd with rookie of the year, Luke McCormick 3rd. McCormick was in front for the first 10 laps. Fourth went to Jordan Eddleman and Dakota Kibel took 5th. Sixth on back were: Julie Boettler, Robert Gallegos, Dylan Terry, Richard Baldwin, Glenn Spangler, Jason Hockinhull, Darrell Cordary, Brian Carey, Christina Gallegos, Calen Wilkins, Jay Kibel, Anthony Ludwig, Joe Esquibel, Bill Ferguson, Paul Miller, Brandon Tenski, Juanita Faddis, Rex Higgins, Kevin Faddis, and Robert Cody. Heat race winners were: Julie Boettler, Brian Carey, Jessie Baldwin and Joey Klemish. This race saw 7 yellow flags.

The sport compact feature was taken down by Josh Smith. Camron Spangler 2nd with Ranai Toler 3rd and Michael Cody 4th. Camron Spangler won the heat race.

The Best of the West Dash in the modifieds was won by Regan Tafoya. Tafoya picked up $500 for this 8 lap shootout.

Track Champions at Aztec Speedway this year were: Brian Carey in the sport modifieds. Zane Devilbiss in the modifieds...also the Border State Racing Series modified Champion. Kenny Hendershot is the stock car champion. Freddie Brooks is the hobby stock champ. Ranai Toler is the sport compact champion. Andy Hockenhull is the late model champion. And Julie Boettler is the Border States Racing Series Champion in the sport modifieds.

Zane Devilbiss and Julie Boettler both have a chance to win the national championship in IMCA for modifieds and sport modifieds. Zane is leading in his division and Julie is 2 points behind the leader in her class. Advance congratulations to Jason Keeler and Julie Boettler. They will get married next weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

That's our Witten's Warriors Weekend for 2014. Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting this cause and the track. We will run our last race for the 2014 season on Oct. 4th. This will be the Cancer Benefit Race. Come on out and help close out this season of racing at Aztec Speedway.


AZTEC, NEW MEXICO (September 19, 2014)- By: Lynn Hensley- The first night of the Witten's Warriors Weekend produced plenty of action in all classes. With about 120 cars in the pits racing two B mains, one C main, one Pole Dash and 19 heat races and almost 300 laps of green flag racing.....well, it was a long night.

The IMCA stock car 30 lap feature with 24 cars was to be the "Diamond in the Rough" and it was both. With 6 caution flags in the first 20 laps providing the 'rough' for the event, the last 10 laps shined like a diamond. Kenny Hendershot took the lead on lap 1 and many thought he was about to win yet another feature. One car stayed close to his bumper all night and on lap 19 Jake Masters of Greattings, Iowa put his brightly colored #11 to the outside of Hendershot in turn three and then dived to the low side off turn four to set up the pass going into turn one. By the time this race took place the track was down to everyone running the bottom. They forgot to tell that to Masters as he used the middle of the track to his advantage. Great driving put $1000 in his pocket for the first night of racing this weekend. Kenny Hendershot held on for 2nd as Brandon Hopper of Lubbock, Texas took a very close 3rd. In fourth was Bruce Plumisto of Goodland, Kansas and fifth went to Cody Kays of Hobbs, N.M. Sixth on back were: Cary White of Hobbs, Colby Deming of Hobbs, Butch Reid,jr., Dillon Hill of Cortez, Co., Jeramey Bradley of Aztec, Race Fisher, Richard Trujillo, Travis Southerlin, Traci Jennings, Larry Bradley, Dustin White, Danny Stevenson, Ron Merritt, Michael Farley, Tony Hill, Skyler Heath Steffan Carey, colin Deming, Ron Brewer and Corbie McClearan of Seminole, Texas was DQd prior to the start for being 50 lbs. too light. The last five cars did not finish. Steffan Carey went out on lap 15 after hitting the turn one wall. He was ok. The B and C main winners were: Butch Reid,jr. and Jeramey Bradley. Heat race winners were: Brandon Hopper, Kenny Hendershot, Bruce Plumisto, Tony Hill, Steffan Carey, and Jacob Masters.

The CDM Late Models brough 28 cars to to town with 22 of them making the 30 lap feature. Jeep Berry of Grand Junction, Colo. put his #75B out in front on lap one but had to swap that spot with Jake O'neil of Tucson, Az. a few times before finally maintaining the lead and pocketing $1500. The race was quick with only three cautions for a couple of spins and one crash. Cody Cox of Lakewood, Colo. made heavy contact with the turn one wall and was done for the night. Cox was ok. John Hanson of Brush, Colorado moved up from his 12 starting spot to take 2nd by a car length, Fito Gallardo came up from his 15th spot to capture 3rd. In fourth was Jake O'neil of Tucson, Az. and fifth went to young Mercedes Abercrombie of Demming, N.M. She might be young, she might be small in stature, she is a lady and she can run with the best of them as she started 11th in this feature.

Sixth on back were: Ronnie Warman of San Angelo, Texas, Andy Hockenhull of the four corners, Dakota Berry (Jeep's son) of Grand Junction, Colo., Dean Moore of Colorado, Brad Williams of Tucson, Az., Daniel Shepherd of Greely, Colo., Dr. Dave Deetz of Las Cruces, N.M., John Ortega of Las Cruces, Nita Deetz (the Doc's wife) of Las Cruces, Terry Boushee of Denver, Colo., Jeff Whyman of Albq.,N.M., Corey Cox of Lakewood, Colo., Sean Bray of Tucson, Az. and Brandon Tenski of Farmington, N.M. The last three did not finish. Jeep Berry won the "Pole Dash" thus getting to start up front and he picked up 50 bucks from Park-N-Sell of Farmington in doing so.

The B main had 10 cars running 15 laps with six of these advancing to the main. They were: Sean Bray, Brad Williams, Scott Simfl, Terry Boushee, and Nita Deetz. Four cars didn't make the show and will try again tonight. Heat race winners were: Jake O'neil, Ronnie Warman, Dakota Berry, and Corey Cox.

The IMCA Modified 30 lap feature was also part of the Border State Racing Series that is wrapping up its' tour season at Aztec Speedway. Twenty Five cars took the green flag with John Hanson of Brush, Colo on the pole. Hanson had already finished 2nd in his late model and now was trying to add to the winnings for this weekend in a modified. And he did just that. Hanson jumped to the lead on lap one. His only true challenge came with just a few laps to go from Zane Devilbiss. Devilbiss had been slowly moving up from his 11th starting spot and appeared that he might take the win. He fell short by just .022 of a second. Hanson adds to his bank account for the night with

$1000 for the win but Zane Devilbiss will pocket the BSRS championship and possibly the track championship which will culminate tonight. Zane is also the in first place in the Nation in IMCA Modifieds. Finishing 3rd was his brother, Shane Devilbiss. Fourth went to Nick Nelson in a good run from his 13th starting spot. Fifth was Regan Tafoya. Tafoya is 14 points behind Zane for the track championship. Sixth on back were: Aaron Spangler, Ricky Alvarado, Tyrone Yazzie, Phillip Houston, Danny Bradford, Jason Gallardo, Allen Bradley, Matt Howard, Dereck Rhoden, Austin Huskey, Wayne Soares, Eddie Farley, Matt Ratzlaff, Ed Mangum, Matt Higgins, Tom Melloy, Dave Davis, Ryan Spangler, Jody Cornell, and Darrell Deming. Heat race winners were: Regan Tafoya, Zane Devilbiss, Ricky Alvarado, and John Hanson. Three cars did not finish.

The IMCA sport modified feature had 20 cars taking the green flag for 30 laps. The first three laps had the #26 of Luke McCormick and the #17 of Ricky Baldwin swapping the lead. Then on lap 4, Ricky Baldwin spun going into turn one and collected the McCormick machine which brought out the only yellow of the race. Both drivers had to start in the back...Baldwin made it back to 15th and McCormick to 10th. After the restart, Jessie Baldwin put his black #3 out front and went on to win his 3rd feature in a row at Aztec Speedway. Julie Boettler took 2nd in her quest to become the first woman to win a National championship in IMCA. She is currently 6 points behind the leader. Finishing 3rd was Brian Carey and fourth went to Kevin Faddis. Fifth was Rex Higgins with his #47 machine. Sixth on back were: Robert Gallegos, Darrell Cordary, Joey Klemish, Jordan Eddleman, Luke McCormick, Juanita Faddis, Christina Gallegos, Joe Esquibel, Bill Ferguson, Richard Baldwin, Jason Hockenhull, Robert Cody, Anthony Ludwig, Dakota Kibel, and Glenn Spangler. Three cars did not finish. The heat race winners were: Juanita Faddis, Jessie Baldwin and Richard Baldwin. Boettler is also only 5 points behing the track championship leader Brian Carey.

The hobby stock feature had eleven cars running 12 laps not counting the dozens of yellow flag laps. Kelly Klemm emerged as the winner for her first win with Paul Dorsett 2nd and Freddie Brooks 3rd. In fourth was Halie Brown of Hobbs, N.M. and fifth went to Brooklyn Kibel. Sixth on down was Jessica Radojits, Dave Allison, Luke Klemm, Jordan Hockenhull, Randy Lutz, and Joseph Lopez. Heat race winners were: Paul Dorsett and Jordan Hockenhull.

I apologize for getting this news out late but my old body said sleep first then write.

Quite a night of racing at Aztec Speedway. And now we get to do it again. Come out tonight for part two of the Witten's Warriors Weekend. We race at 7pm.....I'll see you there!!


BRIGHTON, COLORADO (February 11, 2014)- Championship Dirt Motorsports would like to announce that they will be teaming up with Witten’s Warriors in 2014 to help raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy and help them raise money to be donated to the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation.

Cory Moul, the owner of Championship Dirt Motorsports has a nephew that has a case of Cerebral Palsy. So, when he heard what Witten’s Warriors was doing he wanted to help out. The last two years Championship Dirt Motorsports has made a couple of small cash donations to Witten’s Warrior’s but on the way home from the 2013 Witten’s Warrior Shootout at Aztec Speedway, Cory and his wife Mindy decided they wanted Championship Dirt Motorsports to help out more. Championship Dirt Motorsports has decided that in 2014 they will donate $5 to Witten’s Warriors from every driver registration collected at every CDM Super Late Model Series race in 2014 starting at the March 22nd race at Tucson International Raceway and ending at the November 30th race at Tucson International Raceway. Also, $10 from every 2014 Championship Dirt Motorsports Membership sold will go to Witten’s Warriors. To help raise awareness for Witten’s Warriors and Cerebral Palsy all Championship Dirt Motorsports drivers will be required to run a Witten’s Warrior decal on their car in 2014.

Witten’s Warriors was started by Steffan and Maygen Carey in 2011. Their son, Witten Carey, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy a few years ago. After hearing of his diagnosis, Steffan and Maygen decided that they wanted to turn something that could have been potentially devastating into something positive. They decided they wanted to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy, as well as start a fund raiser which would donate money to the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation. The Carrie Tingley Hospital is where Witten sees most of his doctors, as well as getting his equipment. They realized that not all parents had insurance that covered all that their child needed or they didn't have insurance at all. The Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation helps families with children that have disabilities with any equipment, etc., that the child might need. Witten’s Warriors have done this fundraiser through racing over the past two and a half years. Thanks to the support of the race tracks, drivers, motor sports businesses, local businesses and the fans in 2013 Witten’s Warriors was able to donate $40,000 to the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation and $8,000 to Peaches Neat Feet. Since Witten’s Warriors was started they have raised over $80,000 for these charities.

Championship Dirt Motorsports is very excited to work with Witten’s Warriors to raise as much money and awareness as we can for this great cause in 2014. We hope that other sanctioning bodies, tracks, and drivers will jump on board too!. For more information about Championship Dirt Motorsports please visit,


BLOOMFIELD, NEW MEXICO (February 10, 2014)- Witten's Warriors has come up with a couple decal packages through Sybesma Graphics. CLICK HERE to see how you can support Witten's Warriors in 2014. Thanks to all of the drivers that supported Witten's Warriors in 2013!


BLOOMFIELD, NEW MEXICO (February 10, 2014)- At the 2013 Witten's Warriors banquet, Witten's Warriors donated $40,000 to the Carrie Tingley Hospital. Another $8,000 was donated to Peach's Neet Feet. So a total of $48,000 was donated in 2013. A total of $81,187 has been donated in the last two years. Witten's Warriors thanks everyone for the support.


MYTON, UTAH (October 18, 2013)- We are proud to announce that the NEW! Wittens Warriors website is now up and running. Check back often for updates and more information.